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To have meaning, a number must have a context. The numeral 5 – can refer to almost anything. But if you are discussing the context of how far it is to the nearest shooting range, and set the contextual units as miles – that number now gives us a meaningful representation within its context. It also suggests exactly why we like Lucky Gunner Labs™ so much.

Lucky Gunner Labs is an evaluation website showing that the Lucky Gunner people understand how to determine useful numbers – and especially how to display them within a context for meaningful use by shooting consumers .

Specifically, the “Labs” conduct handgun defensive ammunition ballistic tests, as well as other related evaluations. This AmmoDigger Editorial Review focuses just on the ballistic testing, its apparent quality of effort and attention to detail, and finally the deft and explicit manner in which the resulting testing data is conveyed to the consumer.

In simplest terms, the Lucky Gunner Labs people shoot bullets into blocks of ballistic gelatin; take video of the event; take all kinds of measurements – and then post the results on their website. Sounds good to us.

(Editorial Note: Ballistic gelatin is a testing medium comparable to human tissue. It is used to provide consistent and reliable comparison of terminal ballistics.)

We in the defensive ammunition community know there are any number of individuals and organizations that have websites or online channels that test ammunition and display the results. However, the rubber meets the road in HOW the data is displayed – and whether the consumer can manipulate that data. Lucky Gunner Labs does all this just right.


  1. Test an impressive range of brand name ammunition in popular designations. Plainly they are having a great deal of fun with this.
  2. Establish a context by using the FBI Ballistic Test Protocols as their parameters. These are internationally recognized benchmarks.
  3. Chart all the resulting data – on an interactive chart(!) for each caliber tested. Interactive chart of data? Oh, yes.
  4. As on a computer spreadsheet, the chart lists ammunition manufacturer, bullet weight, and the bullet description using nomenclature from manufacturers. Plus you can click through to all kinds of related data, charts, graphs and depictions.
  5. List a five shot penetration depth comparison, lists the average depth, shows an incredibly useful graphical representation of the penetration for each shot – and lets the user sort all comparable ammunition by depth! Told you they rock.
  6. Measure and show photographs of expanded bullets – and lets the user sort all comparable ammunition by expanded size! What did we just say about who rocks?
  7. List muzzle velocity. Good to know, but no isolated sorting of this data. It does sort in conjunction with other data manipulations – so we are ok with this.
  8. Expanded bullet images. They even display an unfired bullet next to the five fired ones so you can observe and compare the bullet profiles – like a before and after visual.
  9. Click Through for Videos and you can even find videos showing how the actual testing event went down.

If you are planning to purchase defensive ammunition for lawful use in protecting yourself and your family, then Lucky Gunner Labs – and all its data presented in context with consumer-interactive functions that promote comparative insight — could be a mighty useful resource for helping make an informed selection.

In conclusion, shooting is a pursuit that demands only responsible, highly-informed participants. Fortunately, Lucky Gunner Labs is a place you can go to find serious information, expertly presented – to keep your information and perspective current. Is it the only source of comparative ammunition testing? Not at all. Be assured, we will be identifying, reviewing, and posting our appreciation of those sites as well.

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