Cabela’s Gets Bought – or Merged?

We have all been watching this past half – year to see if the acquisition of Cabela’s by Bass Pro Shops would go through. Apparently it has – although it is often described in the media as a merger and not a buy out.

“But what can this possibly mean to me(?)”- you might ask. The answer is painfully simple. We don’t know yet. But it will be interesting for all of us to pay attention and eventually find out.

Bass Pro Shops has 100 fine stores. If you have not yet been in one – think Santa’s workshop for outdoor sports – just before he loads up the sleigh. Cabela’s has 85 fine stores. Again, think Santa with abundant goodies designed specifically to make you crazy – and much, much better equipped.

Once combined – there are routes these giant retailers might take. Will each brand be preserved? Will one brand be subsumed by the other brand? Will this merger bring new funds needed to stock more goodies with more insane sales? Or will the merger consume those funds requiring increased prices and sales that make a grown consumer yawn?

We must all remain vigilant! Only then will we know if all 185 sources of purest delight will remain available – or will the retail store crunch that harries other chains shrink our access.

The internet is great! Obviously, we at AmmoDigger think of it as one of the great tools of our time. But if you want to materially handle a pending purchase, inquire face-to-face from formal staff or a raft of like-minded consumers – there’s nothing like a giant, retail outlet. For equipment purchasing, taking the measure of the acquisition at a store may remain an important part of the process.

So let us all pay attention to this merger. If we at AmmoDigger learn anything new – we’ll let you know.

And the invitation stands – if you hear anything – please let us know.

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