What is AmmoDigger.com?

AmmoDigger.com is an independent, US firm, providing a defined set of services to consumers. These includes the use of a proprietary, online ammunition price-comparison tool to help consumers search the inventories of affiliated vendors for price and availability of defensive handgun ammunition.

Buying, Shipping, Storing, Transferring, and Using Ammunition

Once ammunition of a specific type and price has been identified, consumers may, as an option, conveniently click through to the affiliate vendor’s online commercial site, and engage in the legal purchase of ammunition. It is the responsibility of the consumer and affiliate vendor to abide by all lawful stipulations and considerations of Federal, state and local mandates governing the sale, shipping, ownership, transference, storage, and use of ammunition and firearms.

Using our Price-comparison Tool

AmmoDigger.com provides only one of many online mechanisms for identifying the ammunition availability within the inventories of affiliated vendors. It makes no assertion otherwise, nor to the verity of any assertions or statements of information as provided by any affiliated vendors or consumers participating in any transaction.

Consumer and Affiliate Vendors

Further, AmmoDigger.com does not sell any products or services to consumers. All transactions are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and affiliated vendor. To that end, all satisfactory representations or transactions – or unsatisfactory representations or transaction – are the sole responsibility of the consumer and the affiliate vendor so engaged.

News and Reviews

In addition to providing the use of its price-comparison tool, AmmoDigger.com may, from time to time, publish News and Reviews associated with the responsible use of firearms and ammunition. Any conclusions, opinions, beliefs, or associated actions pursuant to any interaction with AmmoDigger.com are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the individual, company, organization, consumer or affiliate vendor engaged in such interaction.

The Part the Lawyers Love Best

And of course(!), all parties interacting with AmmoDigger.com in any way, do so at their own risk.